The trebuchet!

This was a fun video that shows me (Dad) and Clara launching junk across the circle with our trebuchet.  We took an entire evening and built in in our garage.  I think the furthest that we launched something was about 60 feet.  ENJOY!

How about a guessing game?

How about a guessing game?

Here are a few pictures that are pieces to a puzzle. See if you can guess what they add up to. If you figure it out, you’re sure to have a big smile on your face!




Still can’t figure it out? Click the link below to see the whole picture!

View the full picture!

We love you all.

A naked one year old at the Breakfast table (cows don’t wear shirts)

You can imagine how crazy breakfast gets with toddlers involved. The other morning during breakfast, Lydia woke up first and was standing and squirming in her chair.  This is pretty usual, despite the resounding chorus from me and Rachel to “Sit down please”.  After a few minutes she decided to take her shirt off.  When Rachel and I began protesting and telling her that she needed to wear her shirt at the table she responded quite naturally “Cows don’t wear shirts!”.  Where did that come from?

Rachel and I were laughing so hard that she got her shirt of and finished her breakfast half naked.  Of course then she was complaining that milk was dripping on her tummy.  I’m not sure when she decided that she was a cow for breakfast, but she is right, Cows don’t wear shirts!