Rainy day movie – “The Gift”

On Saturday morning it began to rain and so I took the girls out on our covered porch to enjoy watching it.  We were all cuddled up in a blanket and I had an idea to make a video.  I had the idea a while ago and was waiting for a rainy day, so I hurried and grabbed my camera and got to work.

The sun came out in the middle of the day and it rained again in the afternoon.  It was a perfect combination for all the filming I had to do.  You can even see Rachel’s belly a few times (how cute).

The name of the movie is “The Gift”.  I used some of Tim’s music in the background, so THANKS TIM!  It sure is fun to have original music named after the places where I grew up.  The two pieces that I used are “liberty-park-in-may” and “demo-1-B”.

Enjoy your little video gift.