Fun Pictures

Fun Pictures

These last few weeks I’ve taken some 800 pictures of everything there is to take pictures of so I have decided to share some of them with you guys on the blog. I picked a few pictures for each person so enjoy! Love you! IMG_4970IMG_4429 IMG_4968 IMG_4421 IMG_4346IMG_4324 IMG_4281 IMG_4314

Funny Old Video Clips (no audio)

Here are some funny old clips that I found on an old backup disk. Let’s see if you can guess who’s in them…

Trebuchet plans and images

Trebuchet plans and images

A couple years ago Clara and I (she was three) went into the garage to build a trebuchet (here’s the original video).  If you don’t know what that is, it’s like a catapult, with a little sling action.  I put together plans before starting and just found them for a friend.  Here they are, including the (photo) shopping list you can take to Lowe’s with you to get the parts and build your own.  The PDF is to print and cut then use to draw your cut lines on the standing supports.  If you end up building one then come post a link to your photos/videos in the comments below.

Clara with Trebuchet

Original plans sketch

Angles PDF

Clara Dance Recital

I promised that I would post the video of Clara’s dance recital. It took me a while to edit it, but here it is. Clara sure had fun with her friends (some are even in our ward). What you can’t see in the video is the fact that Lydia watched Clara studiously every week at dance class and knew the dances as well as Clara. She stood in the aisle and did them as she watched (and of course she went just as dressed up as Clara.


Memorial Day campout…

Here are a handful of pictures of a little camping trip we took to Givins Hot Springs just 45 minutes from Boise on the Friday before memorial day.  There’s a short video too.  The kids love camping and George did great.

Some highlights from the trip that I didn’t get pictures of include the trees that Clara climbed, the kittens we found, the giant naturally hot pool and a ride in a golf cart.  We did the usual adventure stuff and took the walkie talkies for extra fun.

The next day we even took time to find a little boat launch into the river and let the girls wade in and toss rocks to scare all the fish away from the fisher-lady that was sitting on the shore.  She didn’t seem to mind too much.