New Suit (after 10 years)

New Suit (after 10 years)

Well, I guess I’ve had other suits in the last 10 years, but the first suit I ever bought from Mr. Mac’s 10 years ago is the one I was still wearing to church. It must have bothered Mom, because about a year ago, she bought me a new suit (I think it was for my birthday). Since it was brand new I needed to get it tailored, but with the move to Boise, a new job and endless adventures with Clara and Lydia I just didn’t have time. Finally a few weeks ago I found a suit shop and had the suit altered.  I wore my new suit to the temple on Friday and finally to church today. THANKS MOM!

I had Clara help me stage a photo to show it off…

I think you can click the image to make it bigger.

Message from Lydia at work

Here is a short message that Lydia left me a while ago. I just found a copy of it on my hard drive and thought it was fun. She talks a lot more now. if you’re ever bored and want to have a long chat just give her a ring.

Clara becomes an interior designer

Clara and Rachel picked up a book at the Library about a week ago with some design ideas in it. After a thorough review, Clara decided she wanted to design a lampshade for the small lamp in her bedroom. Together they went to Michael’s and bought some flowers, beads and pink fluff. The outcome: Simply Fabulous! Check out the pictures below