Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain

We love to go out when it’s raining and play. We’ll make umbrella tents and dare each other to run out and touch the mailbox, splash in the gutter three times and come back. Its so much fun! We also get drenched. I stay inside and read most rainy days but sometimes I’ll come out and splash. Lydia made up a rain song and it gets pretty funny. “Rain rain come and stay never ever go away, but if you dare to ruin my hair I’ll pull down your underwear, but dIMG_20140922_163509ear rain I’ll forgive you if you don’t give me the flu! And I forgot the last verse but I’ll try to remember for you.” This is what she told me after she sang it for me.IMG_20140922_163122

The Gift 2

The girls decided to make a movie today. They asked me to help them film and edit it, but other than that they did everything else. They even sat by me while I edited and composed the music in sonicfire pro. They told me which background to choose, what it should say, where to cut the video…everything. Clara was ecstatic and made sure we all knew she was the director.

During the entire editing process she was picking out problems and making plans for the next video.

This is what came of it:


Squirrel in the backyard

The other day we ate lunch with in the backyard. While we sat there, someone noticed a squirrel sitting on top of our swingset. After lunch we decided to take a little video of him. Hope you enjoy it.


Summer pictures and stories

This post has been a long time coming; all summer in fact.  We did a lot of fun things and had a good time.  We did a few camping trips (in good weather and bad).  Clara went to SLC to visit with grandma and grandpa over the 4th of July so we took George and Lydia to the parade here in town.  George loved the big trucks and Lydia liked the attention.

The girls took swimming lessons and Lydia really took to her water wings.  George loves eating, ‘anything’ and ‘everything’.  We had some fun lunch dates, like one up at lucky peak reservoir.  We made little marshmallow and licorice creatures for a fun FHE activity.  Clara played soccer for the first time this year.  In addition to a stellar year for our strawberry patch, we had bundles of raspberries and about 20 second year peaches.

Clara started school this year which was exciting for the entire family.  She’s doing a half day (afternoon) of kindergarten.  One funny thing about school is that she rides the bus (it’s about a four minute walk), but that’s what she wanted to do.  She wouldn’t even consider walking.  I think it might be because the fictitious Sassy Sue (a personality I made up when telling stories to the girls) always took the bus to school.  I also got a digital voice recorder and I think that Clara has made at least a hundred recordings on it.

Lydia is part of a community (ward) pre-school class.  There are a handful of mom’s with children her age and each week they cycle through their homes.  It’s two days a week for just under two hours.  Ever since that started she’s been a lot more talkative and a little less shy.  She might be the funniest person in the house and she loves to make us all laugh.  Some of the stuff she comes up with is pretty funny (but I can’t think of one right now).  Sort of like Tim was at the breakfast table telling us all about his epic dreams.

George is figuring out how every atom in the universe works at a surprising pace.  He doesn’t talk much about it, but he sure understands it.  One fun thing is that he loves dirt and he loves to dig.  He gets real dirty really quick.  Oh, and there was the funny night that he got hold of a balloon and held on to it with one hand through an entire meal.  I think he had it in his hand for a couple of hours.

Rachel started teaching piano lessons about a month ago.  She has five students + Clara.  Clara is doing great, by the way.  She teaches on Thursday nights.  It’s been good for her to get back in the saddle.  She loves teaching and she has worried that she would lose her techniques if too much time went by.  After she started teaching Clara she decided that it wouldn’t take much more time to prepare for others too and so she took on a few more students.

I’m busy doing a bunch of different things and I’ll probably write another post about my plans later.  For now there’s the family update and here are some pictures.

Clara Dance Recital

I promised that I would post the video of Clara’s dance recital. It took me a while to edit it, but here it is. Clara sure had fun with her friends (some are even in our ward). What you can’t see in the video is the fact that Lydia watched Clara studiously every week at dance class and knew the dances as well as Clara. She stood in the aisle and did them as she watched (and of course she went just as dressed up as Clara.