Idaho City Day Camp

Idaho City Day Camp

Before we left Idaho, we wanted to get out for another camping trip. We couldn’t fit that in, but we did do a day camp up near Idaho City. We had a fire, made smores, did a hike and then went in to Idaho city for hand made waffle cones and the delicious huckleberry ice cream. It was a really fun time.

Memorial Day campout…

Here are a handful of pictures of a little camping trip we took to Givins Hot Springs just 45 minutes from Boise on the Friday before memorial day.  There’s a short video too.  The kids love camping and George did great.

Some highlights from the trip that I didn’t get pictures of include the trees that Clara climbed, the kittens we found, the giant naturally hot pool and a ride in a golf cart.  We did the usual adventure stuff and took the walkie talkies for extra fun.

The next day we even took time to find a little boat launch into the river and let the girls wade in and toss rocks to scare all the fish away from the fisher-lady that was sitting on the shore.  She didn’t seem to mind too much.