Clara plays soccer

We decided to sign Clara up for Soccer this year. It’s the first year that we’ve tried it with any of our kids. The uniforms are designed to work across many years, so it looks like she’s running around in a big bag on the field. She’s figuring out how to keep her eye on the ball, but a few times a game she still looks over at me and Rachel to make the sign “I love you”.

Here’s a little video of her first and second game. Clara made the music herself using a really cool tool called myna (that’s a link so click it).  You can choose a bunch of different themes and then create music from an intro, a collection of middle loops and an end.  Then you can save (mix down) to your computer.  If any of you are looking for some quick and easy music for your little videos they have some really cute stuff.  It’s easy to use too.