Outdoor movie night

I’ve been trying for years to get Rachel to be interested in watching a movie on the weekend with me.   Well, I may have finally found the magic bullet.  All I need to do is move my stereo, projector, dvd player, cabinet, chairs, blankets and kids outside and invite four families over for a potluck dinner.

I took a few pictures and wanted to share them.  We’d love to do a family movie night anytime that you all want to make the trip to Boise.

The movie choice was Meet the Robinsons.

Video of baby Drew laughing…

I saw this on Linsday’s facebook profile and wanted to re-post it for others in the family. It’s fantastic. He gets startled each time maggie barks and then laughs. Clara has always been the same way. If you really want to make her laugh just scare the pants off her.

Thanks Lindsay for posting this.

Rainy day movie – “The Gift”

On Saturday morning it began to rain and so I took the girls out on our covered porch to enjoy watching it.  We were all cuddled up in a blanket and I had an idea to make a video.  I had the idea a while ago and was waiting for a rainy day, so I hurried and grabbed my camera and got to work.

The sun came out in the middle of the day and it rained again in the afternoon.  It was a perfect combination for all the filming I had to do.  You can even see Rachel’s belly a few times (how cute).

The name of the movie is “The Gift”.  I used some of Tim’s music in the background, so THANKS TIM!  It sure is fun to have original music named after the places where I grew up.  The two pieces that I used are “liberty-park-in-may” and “demo-1-B”.

Enjoy your little video gift.