San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site (obelisk)

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site (obelisk)

Right across from the Battleship Texas is an enormous obelisk (570 feet tall). We went over and looked at the museum and then rode the elevator to the top to look at the Houston landscape.

Battleship Texas pictures

Battleship Texas pictures

For George’s birthday we went to the Battleship Texas:

We were allowed to go on most decks and play on the gun turrets. It was a lot of fun!

George’s 1st birthday

Happy birthday George! One marvelous year after he made his uneventful debut, George turned one yesterday.  He got a cupcake and plenty of other sugar throughout the day.  The day ended a bit grumpy due to funny naps and sugar, sugar, sugar.  Grandma Shannon made the trip up for a visit.  Here are some pictures and some videos (the last two videos aren’t that great in terms of quality, but they’re fun) of the day.

Thanks for the well wishes and phone calls.

George eats a birthday cupcake

more cupcake action

even more cupcake/balloon action

(By the way, did you know that you can click on these photos to see them bigger? You can magnify them and even download them. You don’t just have to watch them in the slideshow here (this is a picasa feature, by the way))

Happy Birthday Grandma Watrous

Here’s an old video that some of you may have forgotten. It’s fun because it has a bunch of pictures of when she was a little girl.  I had forgotten that I almost froze Grandma Gale by trying to do her interview in the backyard.  There’s a little bit of everyone in here and it is fun to hear the stories as they’re told.

Leave your comments and well wishes for Mom/Grandma…

Daniel’s birthday cards

Here is a collection of homemade cards I got from my girls (Rachel included) today for my birthday. I love them. They’re so cute.