Fall pictures of the kids

Here are some pictures Rachel took of the children the other day on our front porch. One of our neighbors gave George (and the girls) a Halloween shirt for his birthday. Remember that Clara is now in school all day. They are getting so big.

Muddy afternoon in the back yard

Yesterday afternoon we went outside to play. Rachel, Clara and I played catch with the football and then the volleyball. George and Lydia turned on the hose and painted a sign on the fence. Lydia told me the sign said “We love dirt”.

I also include some pictures of Clara’s hair cut. She wanted it really short, but this is as far as Rachel would go (probably because I love the girl’s long hair).

Easter egg hunt and some pictures

So I’ve been busy and haven’t gotten around to posting pictures and other tidbits. Here are some pictures and a video to get you caught up.

And here are some pictures (including our Christmas gift of a new picnic table from G&G Watrous).

Family portrait January 2010

Family portrait January 2010

We recently had our family pictures taken at Sears. We were going to try to do it at home, but that just never works out quite right. So we found a deal where we could get a single 8×10 print and a few shots to choose from. Here it is:

Catch up for October

Here are several fun pictures to look at. George enjoyed a delicious, messy garden tomato. He worked on it for about a half hour. Another day he got into Rachel’s yarn drawer. I ended up with some really great action shots of Clara’s soccer game (one where she’s mid air and moving fast). Clara also used some raspberries from our garden and created a fun treat. Rachel and I were impressed and Clara wanted some pictures, so we snapped a few. Here they are.

(remember to click on the images in the slide show to see them bigger or download them)