Evil Laugh Video

A family of friends challenged us to make an evil laugh video. Here’s what we came up with.

Dad’s Funny Faces

Dad’s Funny Faces

Once upon a time a little boy named Henry got sad, so his Daddy decided to cheer him up! He got the camera and took funny face selfies with the little boy until he was happy again. The End. It was really awesome to watch it all happen. Dad is so creative with his funny faces, we were all laughing! The favorite is the “The Cheesy Smile” or “The Disgusted Snob”.


“The Cheesy Smile”


“The Alien Eyes”


“The ‘Really’ Face”


“The ‘What The’ Expression”


” The Disgusted Snob”



This year Dad has made alot of amazing pies, cinnamon rolls, and dessert in general. He’s made apple and pumpkin pie, sourdough cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip chore cookies and more. We’ve made cake and Christmas cookies too! Henry’s birthday cake was a fun thing to eat, it had a crushed Oreo road in the shape of a three and Mater and Lightning McQueen on top! Oh, and and 3 candle.


Clara and Dad play with new webcam

Clara and I had a little fun today with my new webcam software.  It has facial recognition and allows you to decorate yourself up with accessories.  You can imagine how much she loved that.  If you’ve got a webcam then let us know and we’ll do some sweet video conferencing.

Trebuchet plans and images

Trebuchet plans and images

A couple years ago Clara and I (she was three) went into the garage to build a trebuchet (here’s the original video).  If you don’t know what that is, it’s like a catapult, with a little sling action.  I put together plans before starting and just found them for a friend.  Here they are, including the (photo) shopping list you can take to Lowe’s with you to get the parts and build your own.  The PDF is to print and cut then use to draw your cut lines on the standing supports.  If you end up building one then come post a link to your photos/videos in the comments below.

Clara with Trebuchet

Original plans sketch

Angles PDF