Sisters from the Background

Clara and Lydia have discovered the built in camera on Rachel’s Mac. As a result they’ve made over 100 videos and pictures. This little video is from a few of the videos that they shot. There’s a LOT more material and so you might see more coming. Just wait until someday when Clara realizes that she can post on the blog by herself. You might not be able to keep up with all the content.×767.png

Clara and Dad play with new webcam

Clara and I had a little fun today with my new webcam software.  It has facial recognition and allows you to decorate yourself up with accessories.  You can imagine how much she loved that.  If you’ve got a webcam then let us know and we’ll do some sweet video conferencing.

Trebuchet plans and images

Trebuchet plans and images

A couple years ago Clara and I (she was three) went into the garage to build a trebuchet (here’s the original video).  If you don’t know what that is, it’s like a catapult, with a little sling action.  I put together plans before starting and just found them for a friend.  Here they are, including the (photo) shopping list you can take to Lowe’s with you to get the parts and build your own.  The PDF is to print and cut then use to draw your cut lines on the standing supports.  If you end up building one then come post a link to your photos/videos in the comments below.

Clara with Trebuchet

Original plans sketch

Angles PDF