Dan goes wake boarding.

Yup, same family reunion, but this activity was wake boarding on uncle Mont’s boat.  This was my second time wake boarding and try as I might, I couldn’t get over the wake.  Oh well…  There are some great close ups of me totally eating it, including a really great face plant.  Thanks to Ryan and Lyndsey for filming me with their camera.  Check it out.

Lydia break dances at church

Yes, we still go to the same church, but this wasn’t during sacrament meeting.  One of the activities on the family reunion to meet at a church and dance and play a live game of clue.  It was a blast and Lydia really got into the whole thing and danced her heart out.  Check it out below.

Clara dances the hula

Did you know that Clara dances the hula?  Not only can she hula, but she can cast her net right into the sea with the best of them.  Well, this summer when we went to Oregon for a family reunion on Rachel’s side, she finally got the chance to strut her stuff.  Here’s the video.

First family phone reunion a success

Here is a recording of the first ever Watrous phone reunion. I though it would be fun to get together and catch up with each other, even if only by phone. It was nice to hear everyone’s voice. Next time I’ll plan further ahead and hopefully Matt and Heather will be able to join us. Post a comment and let me know if you thought it was fun.