All the girls piano recital

Don’t tell Rachel that I included her in this video. The battery ran out right before the end of her piece with the vocal teacher whose students were also part of the recital.

The girls are both doing really well with piano. This recital marks the end of Rachel’s piano teaching (at least for a while) since the baby is due on March 4th.

Lydia Dance Recitals

I’ve been meaning to post some dance recital videos I have of Lydia. The first is from last summer. The other is from this winter’s nutcracker. She has really enjoyed taking dance lessons and certainly enjoys bouncing around the house in a dancing manner.

The Gift 2

The girls decided to make a movie today. They asked me to help them film and edit it, but other than that they did everything else. They even sat by me while I edited and composed the music in sonicfire pro. They told me which background to choose, what it should say, where to cut the video…everything. Clara was ecstatic and made sure we all knew she was the director.

During the entire editing process she was picking out problems and making plans for the next video.

This is what came of it: