Clara Dance Recital

I promised that I would post the video of Clara’s dance recital. It took me a while to edit it, but here it is. Clara sure had fun with her friends (some are even in our ward). What you can’t see in the video is the fact that Lydia watched Clara studiously every week at dance class and knew the dances as well as Clara. She stood in the aisle and did them as she watched (and of course she went just as dressed up as Clara.


Heaping piles of strawberries

I figured that no one would believe me if I didn’t start recording it, but this is easily the third time this year that we’ve pulled in this many strawberries. I stopped because I ran out of bowls and they started spilling out. We’ve enjoyed fresh home grown, sun ripened strawberries on homemade packcakes, waffles, in our cereal, maltomeal and with neighbors and friends. Some are a little late (they’re coming so fast it’s hard to keep up on them).

As a side note I went out to pick some strawberries so that Rachel and I could have a little treat. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary (huh?, side note!). We dropped the kids off this morning with a friend in our ward and went to do sealings at the temple (of course Rachel had scheduled it a few weeks ago). It was wonderful to be together in the temple and remember the blessings promised to us as we live faithful in the covenants we’ve made. We’ve already seen so many of those blessings come to pass.

Later in the day I played at the green space near our home with the girls, installed a ceiling fan in George’s room and we all went to a ward BBQ. Clara and I soaked each other in a huge water fight at the BBQ. She’s a pretty good aim with a water balloon. She’s even more effective with a cup full of ice water. Lydia didn’t want to get wet so she stayed pretty close to Mom and George.

The abundance of strawberries (did I mention we’ve gotten at least this many a few times already) is sort of how Rachel and I feel about our lives. The promised blessings of the Lord are real. As we keep the commandments, pay our tithing and fast offering, and love and serve our children, he prospers us. I’m not talking about money, but rather the things in the world that grow and taste sweet, right of the vine, like play time with the kids, a good job, living free from debt. These all come from living what the prophets and apostles have taught, both in the scriptures and in our day.

We hope that you all are well and happy. Sorry we don’t get around to see everyone as much as we’d like. As George gets a little older it might get easier.

Memorial Day campout…

Here are a handful of pictures of a little camping trip we took to Givins Hot Springs just 45 minutes from Boise on the Friday before memorial day.  There’s a short video too.  The kids love camping and George did great.

Some highlights from the trip that I didn’t get pictures of include the trees that Clara climbed, the kittens we found, the giant naturally hot pool and a ride in a golf cart.  We did the usual adventure stuff and took the walkie talkies for extra fun.

The next day we even took time to find a little boat launch into the river and let the girls wade in and toss rocks to scare all the fish away from the fisher-lady that was sitting on the shore.  She didn’t seem to mind too much.

Cutest message from Clara

Sometimes when I’m not home yet by 5:01 PM, Clara will call and leave a message for me.  She tries really hard to get the context and voice right, like talking to me about my e-mail or my co-workers.  It sometimes even sounds as though she’s hiding in a corner somewhere so that Mom won’t here her and she can leave a longer message.  Don’t miss the kisses at the end.