Remembering Grandma June Gale

I found this footage of June on an old MiniDV tape a few weeks ago. Since we didn’t get together for a funeral, I thought it would be fun to hear her voice and think of her. This tape was focused on questions about mom (Sandra), but it’s still fun to hear her and see her. This was taken in May, 2005.

Christmas 2014 Dance Competition

I know this is tricky to post just after the 2015 holidays, but I never posted our Christmas Dance Competition from 2014. So, without further delay, I present you with the 2014 Christmas Dance Competition. I didn’t edit out any of the dance scenes. You may want to fast forward through them. Enjoy:

George’s homemade rocket

George’s homemade rocket

George dreamed up and designed a homemade rocket. He used the materials he had access to and built it to his design. He then invited his good friend Dean over to help him launch the rocket. It didn’t go as high as they wanted it to, but they learned a lot and George is busy scheming the next version of the rocket now. As you read this he might be half way to the moon.