Fun Pictures

Fun Pictures

These last few weeks I’ve taken some 800 pictures of everything there is to take pictures of so I have decided to share some of them with you guys on the blog. I picked a few pictures for each person so enjoy! Love you! IMG_4970IMG_4429 IMG_4968 IMG_4421 IMG_4346IMG_4324 IMG_4281 IMG_4314

Evil Laugh Video

A family of friends challenged us to make an evil laugh video. Here’s what we came up with.

Dad’s Funny Faces

Dad’s Funny Faces

Once upon a time a little boy named Henry got sad, so his Daddy decided to cheer him up! He got the camera and took funny face selfies with the little boy until he was happy again. The End. It was really awesome to watch it all happen. Dad is so creative with his funny faces, we were all laughing! The favorite is the “The Cheesy Smile” or “The Disgusted Snob”.


“The Cheesy Smile”


“The Alien Eyes”


“The ‘Really’ Face”


“The ‘What The’ Expression”


” The Disgusted Snob”

Friendless film

The family and I have made our latest film. It’s the story of a little girl who doesn’t feel like she has many friends and goes looking for them in an adventurous way. Along the way she has to make difficult choices to give up the very things that promise to help her find friendship.

We really hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to click in the bottom right of the video to watch full screen. The girls had me include a pretty funny outtake at the end (after the credits).