What’s in that bowl?

The girls made up, rehearsed, filmed and edited this short video today. Enjoy.

An evening with Tucker

Tucker and I were sitting out on our driveway in our short sleeve shirts this evening (December 17, 2016). I was singing Jingle Bells and he was singing “Hey”, because that’s his favorite part. I grabbed my little recorder can got the following three recordings. These will probably just sound like background noise to you, but if you want a little something to listen to while you work, he has a really cute voice and fun words right now.

Tucker eats his first lemon

We had some fresh lemons at dinner the other night and Tucker LOVED them, sort of…

Evil Laugh Video

A family of friends challenged us to make an evil laugh video. Here’s what we came up with.

Remembering Grandma June Gale

I found this footage of June on an old MiniDV tape a few weeks ago. Since we didn’t get together for a funeral, I thought it would be fun to hear her voice and think of her. This tape was focused on questions about mom (Sandra), but it’s still fun to hear her and see her. This was taken in May, 2005.